Are you:

  1. Over 50

  2. Turning 50

  3. Hoping you make it to 50?

Marty takes a fun, yet scientific, look at nutrition needs as you age.  A nutrition instructor for many years, Marty easily explains difficult diet concepts to those who successfully avoided all science classes after 3rd grade.  She uses her own health and family stories to illustrate not only nutrition needs, but dealing with hospital stays and long term care.

Praise for You're Not Dead, Yet: Nutrition for the Over 50 Crowd:

"Where Marty Davey stands out among the growing coterie of treasured vegan dietitians is that she can make learning about eating for health, vitality, and longevity more fun than just about anybody. . . Having plenty of fun and an upbeat outlook is as important to growing older better as is having quinoa, kale, and black beans on the menu. . . You’re Not Dead, Yet gives us is a way to fight back. . . life is more about moments, doing the next indicated thing – but it’s nice to know, as you blend your smoothie or stir the lentil soup, that you have here something priceless. "

- Victoria Moran, Author of Creating a Charmed Life and Director, Main Street Vegan Academy

50 minutes presentation; 65 minutes with healthy snack demo